General Health Tests

Maintaining good health involves regular check-ups and monitoring through various lab tests. Here’s a guide to essential lab tests that provide a comprehensive overview of your health status. These tests cover vital aspects like thyroid function, electrolyte balance, blood sugar levels, and more.

Lab tests are the most precise method to assess your health status. It’s important to confirm that your body is functioning well, irrespective of your daily habits. By utilizing these screenings before any issues arise, you’ll be taking proactive steps to care for your body. With the vast amount of information available about the human body, it’s no surprise there are numerous lab panels to choose from. To begin, explore the available lab tests to help you understand and monitor your health.

General Health Panels

  • Baseline Biomarkers: These tests give an overview of your fundamental health indicators, including vital nutrients and markers of metabolic function.
  • Blood Chemistry: This panel measures various substances in your blood to evaluate organ function, including liver and kidneys.
  • HCP Panels: Designed for healthcare providers, these panels provide a comprehensive health overview.
  • Health Assessment: A detailed evaluation to identify potential health issues early.
  • Health Check-up: Routine tests to ensure your overall well-being.
  • Health Profile, Men: Specific tests tailored to male health concerns.
  • Health Profile, Women: Specific tests tailored to female health concerns.

To explore more about these tests, follow the links to articles providing in-depth information on each topic.

11 Important Laboratory Tests to Review With Your Doctor:

By keeping track of these important tests and discussing the results with your doctor, you can maintain a proactive approach to your health and catch potential issues early on.

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