Polio Virus Immune Status


Our advanced diagnostic tool is specifically designed to detect and measure neutralizing antibodies against Poliovirus Types 1 and 3, providing crucial insights into immunity and vaccine effectiveness.

Polio virus is a highly contagious infection with severe consequences, making accurate diagnosis essential. Our Poliovirus Antibodies, Neutralization test evaluates the immune response against these virus types, aiding healthcare professionals in assessing individual defense levels.

We accurately quantify neutralizing antibodies, which prevent viral cell entry and infection. This quantitative assessment helps determine the level of protection against Poliovirus Types 1 and 3.

This test is vital for monitoring vaccine efficacy and identifying the need for additional doses, particularly for those who received oral or inactivated polio vaccines and individuals at risk due to travel.

Our test stands out in accuracy, efficiency, and support for global eradication efforts. It provides reliable results, streamlines immunity assessment, and aids in targeting vaccination campaigns.

In the fight against polio, precision matters. Our Poliovirus Antibodies (Types 1, 3) Neutralization test empowers healthcare professionals to safeguard individuals and communities effectively. Join us in eradicating polio with this groundbreaking diagnostic tool.

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