Selenium, Serum


This test accurately measures selenium concentration in your serum, providing crucial insights into your nutritional status.

Why Selenium Matters: Selenium, an essential trace mineral, serves as a potent antioxidant, shielding your cells from oxidative stress and supporting a robust immune system. It plays a key role in thyroid function, DNA synthesis, and maintaining cognitive health, contributing to your overall well-being.

Comprehensive Analysis: Our “Selenium, Serum” test offers a thorough assessment of your selenium levels, enabling healthcare professionals to gauge your nutritional status accurately. By measuring serum selenium, we can identify potential deficiencies or excesses that may impact your health, guiding dietary and supplementation decisions.

Simple and Convenient: Providing a small blood sample is all it takes, and our skilled technicians handle the rest. With top-notch equipment and rigorous quality control, your results are trustworthy and precise.

Actionable Insights: Upon analysis, you’ll receive a detailed report, including your selenium concentration and an optimal reference range. This comprehensive report empowers you to collaborate with your healthcare provider, tailoring a plan to enhance your selenium status.

For Individuals and Healthcare Professionals: Whether you’re an individual optimizing your nutrition or a healthcare professional supporting patient well-being, our “Selenium, Serum” test is a valuable tool for accurate selenium assessment, promoting overall health.

Invest in your well-being today with our “Selenium, Serum” test. Let’s pave the way for a healthier and vibrant future together.

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