Treponema Pallidum Antibody, Particle Agglutination


Our Treponema pallidum Antibody, Particle Agglutination test is a solution for detecting and diagnosing Treponema Pallidum infections, such as syphilis. Utilizing innovative Particle Agglutination technology, this test offers unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in serology.

This test boasts exceptional sensitivity, ensuring early detection of even low antibody concentrations. It also maintains outstanding specificity to minimize false results, enhancing diagnostic precision.

The user-friendly procedure can be conducted in standard laboratory settings with minimal specialized equipment, saving valuable time and resources while ensuring consistent, reproducible results. With a minimal serum sample requirement and rapid results, this test prioritizes patient comfort and allows healthcare providers to promptly initiate suitable treatment plans.

Our commitment to quality control ensures reliable, precise results, instilling confidence in healthcare professionals. Join us in advancing syphilis diagnostics and improving patient care worldwide with our Treponema pallidum Antibody, Particle Agglutination test.

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