Women Cancer Panel


A multi-component test to screen women for multiple forms of cancer, including breast and ovarian.

Test Components:

  • πŸ”˜ Breast Cancer Panel (CA 15.3) Checks for normal levels of cancer antigen 15.3. Test is broad, and used mainly to monitor the effectiveness of various treatment options and monitor recessive cancers. Though increased levels may indicate presence of a tumor or cancer cells, CA 15.3 should be relied on more for breast cancer monitoring than detection.
  • πŸ”˜ Cancer Screening & Tumor Marker Panel: Cancer Antigen 27.29 (CA 27.29) Tests for breast cancer
  • πŸ”˜ Carbohydrate Antigen 19.9 (CA 19.9) Tests for gastric/pancreatic or stomach cancer; Carcinoembryonic Antigen (CEA) Tests for colorectal cancer
  • πŸ”˜ Cancer Antigen 125 (CA 125) Tests for ovarian cancer
  • πŸ”˜ Alpha-Fetoprotein, SE Can help detect testicular, stomach, liver, pancreatic, renal (kidney), brain, and lymphatic cancers
  • πŸ”˜ Neuron Specific Enolase Tests for lung cancer.

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