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Health Lab Test offers an alternative means to diagnostic testing. Choose from a variety of test types to best suit your needs.

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Browse the best-selling tests available on Health Lab Test. After you buy your own lab test, schedule an appointment for sample collection at a nearby any Quest Diagnostics location. You’ll get fast results online. As part of your purchase, you have the option to discuss your results with an independent physician. Treatment options may be available.

See more lab tests by selecting the categories below.

General Health Tests

Shop online for a variety of general health and wellness tests to assess your risk for certain diseases and medical conditions

STD / STI Tests

Testing is the only way to know for sure whether you have a sexually transmitted disease.

Women's Health Tests

Some of these women’s health lab tests measure standard biometric markers, thyroid function, urinary health, and more

Men's Health Tests

Some of these men’s health lab tests measure standard biometric markers, testosterone levels, prostate health, and more.

Children's Health Tests

Procedures that are specifi cally designed to evaluate the health status of children.

Cancer Detection Screening

Cancer detection screening refers to tests that look for signs of cancer before you have any symptoms.

A Wide Range of Laboratory Tests for the Whole Family

We understand that health is a family affair. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is here to guide you through our wide range of lab tests, ensuring everyone in your family receives the care they deserve.

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